Drabble: My heart beats fast for you, I want it all

Title: The ticking of the clock steals our precious moments together
Pairing: Tegomass
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst
Rating: G
Summary: The end of school draws near. Tegoshi would part ways with the love of his life. Would he have enough time to gain confidence, and confess? Or just let the time slip by, and steal away the precious seconds they could spend together...

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Title: Love Umbrella
Pairing: Tegomass
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The love shared under an umbrella...

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One-shot: All alone

Title: All alone
Genre:Romance, Horror
Rating:PG -13
Pairing:Tegomass (mostly Tegoshi)
Disclaimer:Hi everyone.I just created this account recently. I've been wanting to write fanfics for a long time a this is my very first time. I hope you guys will be supportive and feel free to give any feedback. :)
I do not own any of them. I only own the story.
Summary:It was a usual day at work. After a long and tiring rehearsal, everyone in NEWS washed up, and got ready to leave. All except for Tegoshi. He drifted into a slumber after being too tired. After waking, he realized that he was all alone in the dressing room, with no way out...

Word count: 1,961

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